How Can a Property Damage Lawyer Help with Your Denied Hail Property Damage Claim In 2021-22?

How Can a Property Damage Lawyer Help with Your Denied Hail Property Damage Claim In 2021-22?

Suppose you have ever faced problems related to property damage Insurance claims. In that case, you must have heard about the growth of public insurance adjusters in solving the issues related to professional claims. And suppose you are worried about the authenticity of the property damage lawyers. In that case, it is worth mentioning that they are also the legal representatives, and the government authorities have had them as professionals to provide lawful fiduciary. The primary role of the property damage lawyer is to offer their services to the customers who bought the insurance and filed the claim but could not succeed in approving their claims. 


In today’s article, we will mainly focus on the role of a property damage lawyer in solving the problems related to the particular condition, and that is denied hail damage. It simply means that if you have filed a claim regarding the damage caused by the hail storm on your property, but your claim is not approved or denied by the insurance company. At this stage, the property damage lawyer can help you with this matter. 


But the question is, how will property damage lawyers help in denied hail damage. Read on to know more about it. 

Hail property damage claim help

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Hail damage can be more severe than any other storm, and homeowners are susceptible to many problems that may cause damage to their properties, including holes in the roof and cracks caused by mold plus water damages. 

The struggles of homeowners and property damage

We have done deep research and tried our best to find out the problems homeowners and property face due to hail damage. All of us know the hail storms cause a lot of destruction every year, especially in the regions like Florida. So we decided to conduct our research in a particular area and selected Florida for it. 


We met with Melissa and David, who worked hard for three years and finally built their new home. It was the biggest accomplishment of their lives, and they wanted to give their new home to their daughter. 


Unfortunately, these were the days when a hail storm entered Southwest Florida. It was such a horrible storm that it took away all the beauty of their new home, causing severe damage. The significant problems arose when they observed the holes in the roof. Melissa cried and cried and finally decided to file a claim. The major problem was to estimate the cost of the damage. The homeowners’ insurance of the Melissa house was with United Property and Casualty. But before hiring a property damage lawyer, the claim adjuster came to their home and estimated the damage at $10,000. Melissa could not agree on this because she knew that it was not enough to fix the damage. In the end, she decided to work with the public insurance adjuster. So finally, she decided to estimate the damage and hired a public insurance adjuster for this purpose. 


What is the role of a property damage lawyer in estimating the damage caused by a hail storm?

Well, to understand this concept, we have to connect it with the real story of Melissa and David. As we know, the claim adjuster only estimated the damage at $10,000. However, the property damage lawyer helped them immensely and estimated hail damage that turned out to be $90,000. So it was when Melissa understood the role of a property damage lawyer and said that such a low estimate of $10,000 by a claim adjuster was a kick to the gut. 


How can property damage lawyers help with the denied hail damage? 

Again, we can understand it with the help of Melissa’s story. The claim adjuster only considered $10,000 and denied all the previous claims, but the actual property damage was worth $90,000. So the public insurance adjuster brought this matter to Florida’s Department of Financial Services. Remember that it was when Florida’s department was run by the Florida Chief Financial Officer, Jimmy Patronis. 


The property damage lawyer submitted an insurance complaint and attached all the relevant documents, photos, and proof of the property damage. He also mentioned that the home was built recently, and there was no previous damage. Thus, it was evident that the hailstorm caused the actual damage, which resulted in holes in the roof. 


As we know that the property damage lawyer is a government representative, so this complaint was significant for the relevant department. Therefore, they needed to make arrangements that were agreeable for both parties. Although the customers can also submit insurance complaints, sometimes disputes do not get settled. 

So it is better to take the help of government representatives who will solve your denied claims. 


“You’re at a disadvantage when you have major house damage or a total loss of your home,” explains James Guercio, owner of Rubin & Rosen Adjusters in New York. “You face a home insurance claims process that could easily stretch out for some time, require detailed paperwork, and leave you mentally and physically exhausted.”


So yes, it is a mandatory step to take the help of a property damage lawyer if your claim is denied. It is a common observation that people often get a denial from insurance companies. They send the claims representative who estimates meager amounts. 


Are you looking to hire property damage lawyers to help you with your denied hail claim? 

The role of a property damage lawyer cannot be denied when it comes to approving your rejected insurance claims. He can legally consent to all of your documents and provide the insurance company with essential details. Their assistance will help you strengthen your stance, and your chances of getting a hail damage claim significantly increase. 


By the way, have you ever hired a property damage lawyer to approve your hail damage claim? Leave us a comment below right now and share your experiences with us. 


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