Motorcycle Insurance and  Maintenance Advice In 2021-22

Motorcycle Insurance and Maintenance Advice In 2021-22

Motorcycle maintenance and motorcycle insurance are often overlooked, especially when the vehicle is in good condition. However, you should pay special attention to regular checkups and overall maintenance of your motorcycle if you want to maximize the life and performance of your vehicle. 


It is no secret that some parts of the motorcycle require more regular checking as compared to the others so it is mandatory to follow your vehicle’s maintenance schedule. The COVID-19 has further increased the demand for auto detailing because people often face motorcycle performance issues when it does not remain running and experiences low mileage. 


Today in this article, we will cover motorcycle insurance and why caring for your motorcycle is important. 

Remember that it requires a little bit of effort but regular motorcycle maintenance will keep your motorcycle in top-running condition even in COVID-19. 

Motorcycle Insurance  

Motorcycle insurance is basically a contract between a bike owner and the insurance service provider and the main purpose of this type of insurance is to protect the owner at the time of accidents. So whenever a loss or damage occurs in case of an accident motorcycle insurance company provides you compensation. 


It is no secret that millions of people use motorbikes and they do not have their personal heavy vehicles. They also face accident issues, traffic jams and other problems that may cause loss in the over structure of the bike. So with time the need and demand for motorcycle insurance is increasing. No matter what kind of accidental damage is caused by your motorbike, motorcycle insurance covers everything. 

Some people may want to know about the average motorcycle insurance cost, the answer is it totally depends on which states of the US you live in. It varies from region to region and has diversified rules and regulations in every state. Moreover, it can also vary from company to company. 


The use of motorbikes is very common among the teenagers and young generation. They can enjoy a lot of safety and security when they proceed with motorbike insurance. 

If we compare the need of motorcycles with the current pandemic we come to know that it has considerably increased the demand for motorcycles. Now people prefer moving alone on bikes and the impact on financial conditions have also reduced the rate of fuel consuming heavy vehicles. 

Benefits Of Motorcycle Insurance 

Accidents can happen anytime. Motorcycles are one of those vehicles that need very careful driving. In some areas, there is a complete absence of good roads and motorbikes face a lot of trouble. If you use motorbikes for daily commuting purposes, you may face problems during the daily rush hours. It is a common observation that motorbike riders often try to make narrow escapes during traffic jams. 


The benefits of motorcycles cannot be denied from the fact that almost all the people use motorbikes at some time in their lives. However, the problems may occur whenever there is heavy rainfall or intense weather conditions. For example, riding a motorbike on slippery surfaces is a very uncomfortable task which may result in accidents and other problems. 


By opting for insurance the policyholder can ensure the maximum safety while riding the motor bikes and can prevent serious consequences and financial issues. So if we consider the importance of motorcycle insurance from various aspects, we come to know that it is imperative to opt for motorcycle insurance. 


Random Motorbike Maintenance Check-ups 

Short-term random check-ups involve a few things such as checking for the headlights, turn signals, brake, parking lights, oil and filter, oil and coolant levels, air filter, etc. 


It is also advised to proceed with long-term checkups to check the condition of transmission fluid, spark plugs, serpentine belt front, rear differentials, etc. 


So you should proceed with checking all these components from time to time without even encountering the issue. Do not wait for something bad to happen. 


Let’s understand more about the inspection of the components that require regular checkups. 


Oil and coolant levels


A low level of ether can lead to engine problems. So you should particularly look for the gas fill-ups before going on long road trips. 


Tire pressure and tread depth


To maintain a fuel-efficient ride, you should not only check your motorcycle tire regularly but also seek the help of a professional in checking your overall tire pressure. It will cost you even only a few pennies but pay you in the long run. 


Oil and filter

Oil and filters play a vital role in the lubrication of the moving parts and keep the engine cool. It is advisable to change your engine oil every 5,000 to 10,000 miles. 


Waxing of vehicle


If you wax your vehicle every six months, not only will your vehicle remain shiny but environmental factors (ozone, UV) will also not be able to affect the shine of the motorcycle.  


Transmission fluid


Without the optimum transmission functionality, you can not enjoy the good performance of your motorcycle.  It is advised to change your transmission fluid every year, even if it has not caused the problem. 


Battery performance check


Extreme weather conditions negatively impact the performance of the motorcycle battery. Regular battery testing will keep you safe from any sudden issues. 


Switch your tires in winter


If you are facing winter driving conditions, you should change tires as seasonal motorcycle maintenance. 


In short, if you regularly check your motorcycle for maintenance which simply means checking your motorcycle at least every three months, you can enjoy the optimum performance and avoid costly repairs. 


Along with the above-mentioned checkpoints, you should also pay close attention to checking engine lights, exhaust, fuel filters, hoses, steering fluids, and timing chain.  

Keeping Your Mileage Low  

A low mileage vehicle runs less than 7k miles in a year. In other words, you are a low mileage driver if you clock less than 40 miles per day. 


Keeping your mileage low is a good option, especially when you are well aware of the motorcycle maintenance tips for low mileage drivers. 


  • Make sure to take your motorcycle to the auto maintenance expert every three months. 


  • When you do not drive your motorcycle so often, you can see the lack of activity of some of its components. So it is highly advised to drive the motorcycle at least once a month to keep the engine running. 


According to the rough estimate, driving at least 15 miles per month is necessary to keep your motorcycle running smoothly for the long term. 


  • To maintain the optimum performance of the engine, ensure the installation of the carbon eliminator that will remove tough carbon deposits from combustion chambers. Moreover, it plays a vital role in power restoration and extension of the engine life.


  • If your motorcycle stays at home most of the time, there is a considerable chance that furry creatures may chew the rubber components. So keep checking the condition of the fuel lines now and then.  


Checking Tires Regularly 

Auto detailing experts strictly advise you to keep checking the tires of the car, otherwise you can get stuck in an emergency. Remember that if the tire condition is good, they can withstand more miles. Thus you can enjoy the high mileage of your motorcycle and your motorcycle will be driven long distances on motorways without suffering much wear and tear. 


So it would be right to say that the cleaning and checking of the wheels and tires come first. For this purpose, you can use tools like wheel-approved brushes, wheel cleaners, and shampoos. You can also use wheel sprays to increase the finishing of the wheels. 


Although sometimes maintenance issues of the motorcycle tires are physically visible, only a knowledgeable technician can proceed with the complete visual examination and detailed analysis. He will thoroughly guide you about existing tire problems and tell you about the soon-to-be problems. In this way, you can save time, money and prevent headaches. 


Getting Your motorcycle Washed 


You will need the help of the mechanic or motorcycle maintenance expert to proceed with the regular checkups, however, motorcycle washing is something that you can do on your own as well. 


Here are some simple techniques to wash your motorcycle yourself. You can take the help of your kids in making it a fun activity. 


  • Park your motorcycle into the shade and pour some motorcycle wash cleaner into the bucket. 
  • Spray the water and use the sponge to thoroughly clean the motorcycle. 
  • Pay special attention to wheels and tires. 
  • Use a clean rag to dry your motorcycle.   


 From the above discussion, it is obvious that if anyone wants to keep a motorcycle he must proceed with its proper maintenance and insurance. Without proper maintenance and insurance, you will end up paying a lot of money on repairs and accidental costs. 


By the way, have you ever used a motorcycle for travelling on a daily basis? Have you ever faced accidents aur any other problems? What do you think can be the potential issues if anyone does not proceed with motorcycle maintenance or insurance?

Make a quick comment right now and share your thoughts ideas and experiences with us. 



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