How to deal with insurance agent while filing a water damage claim [2021]

How to deal with insurance agent while filing a water damage claim [2021]

If you have a basic understanding of the Insurance claim process, then you can easily proceed with the Insurance claim related to water damage. For this purpose, you will need to contact an insurance agent. It involves the use of various steps, however, in this article we will guide you about the top tips for filing a water damage claim and dealing with an insurance agent so that you will end up with the approved claim. However, no matter how many insurance agents you hire, it is better to get information about insurance agents’ license, certification and experience. In this way you can prevent yourself from dealing with troublesome people. 


Let’s get started and study about the top tips as well as the process for filing a damage claim.

How to file an Insurance claim and role of insurance agent & public adjuster

There are few steps involved in the Insurance claim process that you must know before filing a water damage claim


  • You have to contact the insurance company and discuss the water damage claim that you want to file. It also involves getting all the necessary forms that you must fill in order to file the water damage claim. 
  • In the second step, you need to meet with the adjuster because you cannot proceed with the whole process on your own. He is the legal representative who will guide you about the process.
  • In the next few days the claim adjuster will visit your home and see whether or not your water damage claim is valid
  • If you are unhappy with the decision and estimates of the claims adjuster, you can negotiate about the overall costs. Even if your issue still remains unresolved, you can contact the property insurance company to settle your issue. 
  • In the last step of the agreement on terms, both parties can proceed with the further processing and the amount will be transferred to you within the next few days. 

More about insurance agents

Whenever you encounter any serious issue, it is better to consult with an insurance agent. Insurance agents are usually highly paid employees of the insurance company who directly deal with the people. Basically, if someone encounters a problem related to a water damage claim or any other claim, the insurance agent visits the home of the party. They are very experienced people in their field and have expertise in dealing with people related to Insurance claim processes, the insurance agents in Texas are considered the most competitive once in the whole US. They sometimes turn out to be very tricky. 


The approval of a water damage claim starts by dealing appropriately with the insurance agents. You may observe a lot of trickiness while dealing with the insurance agents in Texas. 

Tips For Filing A Water Damage Claim 


Now let’s discuss the few tips related to water damage claims that will maximize your chances of getting approved. It involves perfectly dealing with the insurance agent and providing him with all the documentation and other necessary information that will strengthen your evidence. Detailed documentation plays a vital role in approval of your claim, especially if the insurance agent is ready to focus on all of your demands. 

Control the damage

The first-time damage was not your mistake but if you do not care for that and just wait for the insurance company to resolve all the issues, it will definitely harm you in the end. You must cover on your own all the damages that may occur afterwards. Any additional damage will weaken your home and cause the production of moulds. 

Take preventive measures 

Remember that regular wear and tear occurs in every house and insurance companies are not responsible for treating the small issues that may arise while living in the particular place. It also involves all the routine maintenance, so you should not rely entirely on the insurance company to cover the damages and keep on making repairs as soon as you know about any of them.

Proceed with detailed documentation 

insurance agent

Remember that if you want to approve your water damage claim and do not want to end up with the denial of the claim, you should proceed with the complete documentation. It involves taking photos and creating videos of all the water damages. Moreover, you should also have all the bills and receipts associated with the payments that you may have done on your own in recovering the loss. 

Report the damage as soon as possible 

Do not wait for the right time to call your insurance agent. Sometimes you need to follow that deadline if you want to get the approval of your water damage claim. Moreover, you should also be prepared for the quick recovery as it will save your property from further damage. 

Hire your own public adjuster and keep consulting with insurance agent

Remember that a public adjuster is a government representative who is bound to serve the customers who face the problems with their water damage claims. He not only provides guidance in estimating the right cost of water damage claim but also helps in the approval of the claim. Undoubtedly, he is the most honest, unbiased and helpful person in this matter. So if you are facing any kind of problem, you can just hire the public adjuster and discuss the problem with him. He will provide you with the solution instantly. 

Investigate estimates yourself 

Sometimes you may not agree with the statements made by the claims adjusters, so it is better to do your homework and investigate estimates yourself before hiring the claim adjuster. You can also take the help of contractors, professional public adjusters and other relevant members to help you with the detailed estimation process.  


If you have made your estimates and you do not agree with the reports from the outside insurance adjuster, you should not be silently accepting everything. Instead, it is your responsibility to negotiate in the most respectful manner. It is recommended to negotiate until you get satisfied. 

For this purpose, you should take the help of an insurance agent as well. If you are also searching for the best insurance agent near you, it is better to search this on Google and find the best ones in your locality. While proceeding with the insurance agent you should consider the following aspects. 


  • Insurance agent salary
  • Insurance agent license
  • The duration of insurance agent job


However, all this should be only for gathering information because it is not in your hands to hire the insurance agent or deal with the particular one. Instead the insurance company chooses the particular insurance agent to deal with you. Getting information about him will only give you more confidence about his expertise and you can expect better results from him. If he can make realistic estimates and accept your demands then you will no longer need to hire the public adjuster. Hiring the public agent is necessary only when you face problems dealing with

Take maximum advantage of all that the insurance policy covers 

Sometimes, the insurance policy not only covers the water damages but also allows you to stay anywhere else while proceeding with the repairing process. Similar other options are also available depending on the severity of the water damage. At this stage, you can take the maximum benefit if you know the complete details of the policy and know how it works. So make sure to check your eligibility for various available options. It will definitely help you in saving money in the long run because when the repairing company is working on repairing the water damages, you can save yourself from paying extra rents and other additional living expenses. 

Looking to hire public adjusters to help you with your water damage claim?


At the Insured blog you can learn about the public adjusters and insurance agents who will represent the interests of the insurance company and will assess your claim, damages as well as reimbursement. We at, Insured Blog, represent YOU and work on the solution of problems on your behalf, ensuring that your claim is fully investigated and paid fairly. 


Remember that preparing and presenting a successful claim is a science. An adjuster is a person who will do everything from handling the meetings to responding to emails, phone calls, and completing the paperwork. He is always there to help you no matter how large the claim is. On the other hand, an insurance agent is a representative of the insurance company who comes to you on their behalf and tells you about everything related to your claim. He checks the authenticity of your information and confirms whether or not you deserve the amount you are claiming. 


Then what are you waiting for?

Hire a public adjuster today for the ultimate solution to your denied water damage claim. He will go the extra mile in guiding you about how to deal with an insurance agent. 


If you are still confused about how to deal with all that, it is better to keep reading the blogs on insurance on our website. 


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