5 Top Tips For Fire Damage Claim & Role of public adjusters – An Ultimate Guide

5 Top Tips For Fire Damage Claim & Role of public adjusters – An Ultimate Guide

Whether you are facing fire damage or water damage, you can take the help of public insurance adjusters or public adjusters who are responsible for a complete evaluation of the level of damage to your home after incidents like a fire. Public adjusters always take the side of the policyholder and charge a fee to solve their problems related to claim approval. 


The need for public adjusters or public insurance adjusters arises in fire-prone areas. It is no secret that various regions of the world are highly susceptible to fires. For example, California is the region in which fires have become an increasingly prevalent threat. Wherever there is a risk of fires, the need for fire insurance claims are also there. So, in case you lose your property in a fire, you can file the claim and ask for the recovery. It will definitely prevent you from getting hurt due to loss of money and property because the insurance company is responsible to cover everything. 


However, the situation gets worse when the Fire Insurance Company does not cooperate with you properly and disagreement occurs.  


So the following tips will help you in keeping the whole process smooth. Taking the help of a public adjuster is also mandatory. First, let us know who is a public insurance adjuster. 

What is a public adjuster or public insurance adjuster? 

Public adjusters or public insurance adjusters are the professionals whose main responsibility is to serve the common people and help them in approving their insurance claims. They always stand on behalf of the policyholders and have in-depth knowledge of how to deal with the approval of insurance claims. For this purpose, they guide the people about how to file a claim. 

A public adjuster is an all-in-one representative of the government who can handle claims for flood, smoke, wind, fire, and even Hurricane damage. He negotiates with Insurers and guides the people about how to file the claim. Basically, the problems occur whenever people encounter losses in the property due to natural calamities. 

What do public adjusters do for you?

public adjuster

It is no secret that common people are often unaware of the details and languages of insurance policies. They also do not know how to file and adjust the claims. At this stage, the role of public addresses comes into the picture, who are the experts in their fields and have an extensive knowledge of how to solve the problems related to filing and adjusting claims. 


They reach out to the people and tell them how they can negotiate with insurers and contractors. Most policyholders face a lot of trouble while dealing with their contractors and their insurer due to lack of experience. They can prevent themselves from a lot of problems especially if the claim is for a high amount. 


Should I use a public adjuster while filing the fire damage claim?

All of us know that whenever the fire damage occurs the claim is for a higher amount. This is because fire often causes a lot of irreversible damage. It would be right to say that severity of damage is not hidden from anyone whenever the fire damage occurs. 


Remember that you are a policy holder and you have already lost a lot of things due to fire. You definitely cannot afford to lose more. The public adjusters often visit the home to check out the level of damage and find out how much loss has occurred. Basically when insurance agents visit your home and find your loss, their estimate is below what it should be. 


There is obviously no use filing a claim when it is not accurate and the information provided in it is not detailed and up to the mark. By hiring the public adjusters, you can increase your chances of approval of your fire claim by 60%. The correct estimate of the amount and the approval of the claim are very important and public adjuster can help ensure that. 


Top tips for filing fire Insurance claim that gets approved  

Make a list of everything and keep a record 

It is a fact that fire damage can cause a lot of destruction. If you have dealt with the fires, you must have lost a lot of belongings. It is better to file a dispute as soon as possible so that you will not forget anything. Moreover, you should make sure that you have everything in your home and you have not thrown something away. In case, you have thrown away the important things and you do not have evidence to show to the insurance company, the company may refuse to compensate you and you will end up with a low amount.

Consult the public adjuster and force the insurance company to help you as soon as possible  

Whether your loss is large or small, you should press the insurance company to act on your behalf as soon as possible. Moreover, you should also call the home insurance agent and have an individual meeting with him. Let him know that you have all the proof of loss along with the proper documentation and you want the company to complete and approve the claim ASAP. 

Remember that if you do not act immediately and instantly, you get at the bottom of the list and other people who are more active than you in filing the claim, take your place. So, instead of waiting a lot and creating hurdles for you, it is better to get compensated as soon as possible. 


Add all the relevant information in your claim 

If you are facing the denial of the claim, then you should remember that fire damage claims require the particular documentation and you have to include all the necessary information for the approval. 


Following are the few things that you must consider while filing the claim and proceeding with the documentation process.


  • The date at which the loss occurred. In other words, you have to describe the fire damage and the time of the incident at which your house got damaged. 
  • You should also provide the complete details about the nature of the loss that occurred. For example, some people may experience the loss of external fences and backyard objects, while other people may face the damage of internal belongings. 
  • Provide a complete description about any injury that may have occurred as a result of the fire. 
  • Mention all the necessary temporary repairs that you have done before filing a claim and want the company to help you in solving the monetary problems. 
  • Make sure to mention the condition of the home before and after the damage. It would be better if you can provide images before the damage as well.  

Get the right repair estimates 

Fires often cause very huge damages and it is your responsibility to discuss all the damages in detail and focus on the replacement policies as well. Various insurance companies also provide you with the option to replace and rebuild all the structures that got damaged after the fire incident. 


The claim adjuster also makes estimates that may or may not match your estimates. In case, there is a considerable difference between the estimates made by you as well as the ones made by the claim adjuster, you can simply disagree and take the help of the public adjuster for filing a complaint. 


If you are facing a lot of problems in estimating the costs associated with the fire damage, you can also hire the estimator or the contractor who will charge a few hundred dollars and make the realistic and most authentic estimates. He will also take the help of documents as well as photos and videos so that nothing can go wrong. After the complete estimation, the public adjuster will help you in the approval process. Public adjusters are the unbiased people who work on your behalf. 

Never underestimate the importance of public insurance adjuster 

We have already discussed that you need the help of an estimator and adjuster to work on your behalf and reach an acceptable settlement. Here we are reemphasizing the importance of a public adjuster because he has the detailed knowledge on how to negotiate with the insurance company and bring everything to an agreement.He has the detailed knowledge of legal terms and can definitely help you in winning more than you would otherwise receive. 

Looking to hire public adjusters to help you with your denied hail claim?


At Insured Blog, you can get to know about the public adjusters who will represent the interests of the insurance company and will assess your claim, damages as well as reimbursement. The public adjusters represent YOU and work on the solution of problems on your behalf, ensuring that your claim is fully investigated and paid fairly. 


Remember that preparing and presenting a successful claim is a science. A public insurance adjuster is a person who will do everything from handling the meetings to responding to emails, phone calls, and completing the paperwork. He is always there to help you no matter how large the claim is. The importance of hiring the public adjuster doubles in case of fire damages because they are often too severe and the estimation process needs serious consideration.


Then what are you waiting for?

Hire a public adjuster today for the ultimate solution to your fire damage claim. 

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